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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Celebrating the launch of Origana's official blog!

First off, I would like to say hello and thank you to all our current customers out there, for your continued support! Without you guys we wouldn't be going through our 21st year in business this year! I am so glad that we're finally launching a blog, so that we can communicate with all of you and address any questions or concerns that you have with our products! Over the years we have helped many of our customers achieve a more desirable figure through our all-natural, herbal diet tea products, and I'm proud to say that we have served over one billion cups of tea up to date! Before 2005, we had totally no presence on the web, and relied on mail through our P.O. box to communicate with our customers! In 2005, we finally got our butts moving and developed a website so that we could reach out to more people; and indeed, we did reach out to more people as more and more enquiries started arriving in our E-Mail box, but it just wasn't enough! Fast forward to May 2006, we decided to utilize the latest explosive internet trend, the weblog, or commonly known as BLOG, to get the word out there about what we do and what we offer, and we're all EXTREMELY EXCITED about it (It's totally free, thanks to Google and its totally awesome Blogger.com)
Again, thanks for visiting our blog, and remember to check back regularly as we will be posting updates on a regular basis! Meanwhile, check out our website at http://www.origana.com and hopefully you can find something useful!

That's it for now, have a great day!


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