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Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Night!

Hello everyone, it's friday night! I'm sure you all have special plans made for tonight, but before you get too carried away, keep in mind your long-term diet goals! Late night snacks contribute heavily to those extra pounds and inches, and so does beer. Yeah I know it's not the best sounding advice, but the tastier the food, the less nutritious/beneficial for you! Now I'm not telling everyone to go on a heavy vegetarian diet, but late night snacks will ruin your long-term diet goals (Trust me, I've been there!). If you must have those delicious late night snacks, however, then please do more exercise! Commit yourself to regular exercise by starting a membership at Fitness World (If you're in the Greater Vancouver area) or some other gym near you, because the monthly membership dues will help hold you accountable for yourself (If you pay money for it, might as well go work out right?)! A healthy diet, regular exercise routine, and a cup of our 100% All-Natural Herbal Diet Tea every night before bedtime will definitely help you achieve a slimmer figure! Everyone wants to be slim and fit, but not everyone follows through with their goals! Start tonight by sitting down and reviewing your current diet and lifestyle, and see if you can make improvements!

Wish you success in your dieting goals!



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