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Friday, September 29, 2006

September is coming to an end...

Dear Friends,

September is a very special month (and busy month) for many people. For myself, both of my parents have their birthdays in September (in fact, my Dad's birthday was yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!), along with 7 of my friends. I also met the love of my life in September 3 years ago. September marks the start of the school season for students and the end of summer for just about everybody. Stress levels are at all time highs as people struggle to adjust to work mode from vacation mode and reality kicks in for the people who threw their diet plans out the window for the summer time. Many common lines that I hear in the month of September are: "Wow I think I added a few inches to my waist!", "Is it just me or did I gain some weight?", "We HAVE to get back to the gym!", etc....
Gym membership cards get dusted off, and diet plans are put into full force. Sound familiar?

Not that it's bad to get back into your diets, but remember to do it in a healthy manner. NEVER expect overnight results, because it just won't happen. Those advertisements that sell the miracle weight loss pills are all bogus, don't fall prey to those! Taking baby steps to achieving your diet goals is the best way to go about it!

Some tips for a good, healthy, diet:
-ALWAYS get enough sleep, preferably 8 hours or more.
-Eat more frequently, but less per meal.
-Eat SLOWER, chew your food more thoroughly.
-Exercise, exercise, EXERCISE!
-Keep your system clean (Refrain from smoking, excessive alcohol consumption)!
-Sipping a cup of our All-Natural Herbal Tea would be very beneficial!

Everyone can achieve their diet goals, if they know how to do it properly!

Until next time..

To good health and successful diets,


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