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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some More Bad Habits to Watch For...

Dear Friend,

The weekend's coming up, and I'm sure everyone looks forward to that! But before we wrap up the week, I would like to give you Part Two of the "Habits that pose hazards to your health", as promised in my last post. Here it is:

Habits that pose hazards to your health (Part TWO)

4. Not brushing your teeth before bedtime: I think this is a very popular one, because I used to have this habit when I was in my teens (but not anymore!). The most obvious harm done would be to your teeth, but there is more to this than one might think. Studies show that people who do not brush their teeth before bedtime are more susceptible to the flu and bronchitis. The conclusion? BRUSH YOUR TEETH BEFORE GOING TO BED!

5. Not washing your face before bedtime: This goes hand in hand with brushing your teeth before bedtime, because usually if you do one you will do the other. Anyways, what hazard does this pose for your health? Let's face it, no matter how clean the air is in your country your face will get dirty/oily during the course of the day. All these impurities will clog your pores, and ultimately affect the health of your skin. Since the skin is the first line of defense for your body, weakened defenses will leave your whole body vulnerable to attacks from foreign substances outside your body (viruses, bacteria, ultraviolet light, etc.).

6. Using a tablecloth containing plastic for your dinner table: I never knew this before, but I read in an article that there are many toxic substances in plastic, and having your cutlery and dinnerware exposed to these toxic substances will have hazardous long-term effects to your health. If you are using plastic cutlery then that's even worse, so if you are, then STOP USING THEM!

7. Using chopsticks with painted surfaces: I know that not everyone uses chopsticks, but if you do, refrain from using chopsticks with painted surfaces. The health hazards are similar to using plastic cutlery or plastic tablecloths.

So please, if you have even one of these bad habits, try your best to bust them! You'll be glad that you did! Have a great weekend everyone!

To health and happiness,



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