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Friday, August 24, 2007

Supermarkets Play Tricks Too?

Dear [first name],

Not only are the food giants (PepsiCo., McDonald's) trying to deceive you with their marketing tricks, even your local supermarket/grocery store may be trying to hide a thing or two from you. You may not be aware of this, but market researchers go to great lengths to make sure you buy more food, and of the most expensive varieties, every time you enter the store.

Being informed and aware of the tricks they use can help you to make healthier choices and get more for your money. Here are some of them:

- “Best Before” or "Use By" dates are really only suggestions. Most often, food is still good beyond those dates (within a reasonable time frame, of course).

- Food products targetting the kids are placed at their level; so it will not be a surprise to you next time as to how your little kid got that package of cookies into the cart. They’re placed on the lower shelves for that specific reason.

- There is always a price for convenience; Meat, fruits and vegetables that come in the already-cut and ready-to-use form will often cost you up to twice as much as the un-prepared form.

- You are probably aware that end-aisle items get more exposure and as a result, sell better. What you may not know is that the food companies pay to have their products placed there, because consumers are 30 percent more likely to buy items that are easily seen.

- Supermarkets/Grocery Stores make you work harder to reach for healthier foods. What that means is that desirable junk foods are usually placed right at eye level, for easier access of course.

I wouldn't exactly say that these "tricks" that the Supermarkets/Grocery Stores use are unethical, but they are quite sneaky in their efforts to get more dollar out of you! If you are aware of these "tricks" next time you stop for groceries, you can most likely save some money!

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Enjoy the rest of the summer!

To your good health,



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